Patrick Acton is an artist that is true to his art.

After seeing his work and tracking him down I was astonished to discover that he has never set foot in an institution, not even a school as a child, he is entirely self taught.

Believing tools to be the crutch of the untalented, he crafts each piece using only his teeth and nails.  The few alive who have witnessed him working have described the process as "a merciless tornado of enamel and keratin".

Having spent most of his life as a nomad he has finally settled as a recluse on Canada's rugged West Coast.

He commented to me that he feels as though he has lived his life "like a feral cat".  Emerging from his lair only after dark and always alone, locals have grown uneasy asking each other "What`s he building in there...".

Having sold almost all of his work from the last 30 years proves his work truly has a global appeal.

Constantly changing always evolving I look forward to seeing his next new piece!



Dr Giovanni di falsit`a


PS  If you would like to contact Pat regarding his work or to commission a piece of art, feel free to contact him.